We have relationships with the countries we are in.

The relationship to a country is complex. Who we choose to be in a place also depends on who we know and what we experience with those people, in that place.

I prefer gentleness over aggression; creating harmony over ‘winning’ over people. I like when people are able to come together, despite differences of opinion, and work together toward some common goal without one-upmanship. It is a problem when someone comes into a relationship with the goal of proving they are better than others. When this happens, it might be a sign that he or she is only after a sense of superiority over someone else, and there will be almost no listening to new perspectives.

And in a relationship, when there is no listening, there will be no growth.

In nature, animals have genetic coding to cease pursuing relationships that do not sustain toward survival. To some extent, humans have lost this evolutionary survival tactic because we sometimes override it with altruism and compassion. (That’s why abused people stay in abusive relationships.) And, how many times should a human being pursue a different result when the habits of relationship remain unchanged?

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