The last time I posted, I was finding excuses not to write.

I’ve been writing again, and the reunion with Gabi in Bali over the holidays really refreshed my outlook on life. I’ve also begun collaborating with another writer, Light Chaser. One thing about Light Chaser is, have a conversation with her. You can do it face to face or on Skype. Whatever. Just have a conversation.

In conversations that lasted no more than half an hour, she has done a lot to rejuvenate my drive to write, more than any self-help book.

I’m working now, daily, on the next project. And I’m also writing more over on Light Chaser Life, a blog about finding your light. These new relationships and reconnecting with myself have brought many new horizons in sight.

If you have been looping over your thoughts and want to disrupt them to get through layers of noise and find your drive, get a coach like I have Life Chaser.

You will find that what you had been looking for was inside you, all along.

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